Transfer coins

First, you can check how much you have on your local account (replace test by key name):
$ lumd query auth account $(lumd keys show <test> -a)
And it should return a complete payload with some useful information about your account:
"type": "cosmos-sdk/Account",
"value": {
"address": "lum14hjqg48twngvujs2xhkac8mhzncjqg8wq0easj",
"coins": [
"denom": "ulum",
"amount": "19987728"
"public_key": {
"type": "tendermint/PubKeySecp256k1",
"value": "AxdPTMtvjPdu40WJSo4gmSCU0x4+y6SPUvdELZq+kvgC"
"account_number": "0",
"sequence": "25"
Finally you can emit a new transfer by doing this (replace <test> by key name, <destination> by address, amount by the amount + asset like "10sbc"):
$ lumd tx bank send $(lumd keys show <test> -a) <destination> <amount> --from <test>
Once confirmed and signed with passphrase, it should echo this:
"height": "0",
"txhash": "ACC5DD0281AE618838FA342B891F9F83CB8110030B53A10BB50A2D5E4C9E523D",
"raw_log": "[{\"msg_index\":0,\"success\":true,\"log\":\"\"}]",
"logs": [
"msg_index": 0,
"success": true,
"log": ""